Russian Literary Agency


Submission Guidelines


Thank you for contacting our agency!


The agency offers representation in Russia to publishers and published authors. We are mostly interested in non-fiction titles for general audience and also illustrated children’s books.

If you are a publisher, please contact us with your proposal, which will be answered as soon as possible. If you are looking for a representative in Russia, please take into account that, although we sometimes make exceptions, the agency is basically interested in exclusive representation of your rights list.

If you are an author, please carefully read the guidelines below before making a submission. The agency deals only with the authors, whose works have been successfully published in the original language.

First of all, we kindly ask you to take time to check if your work is dedicated to one of the subjects listed on the right. If you hold Russian translation rights for your work, please send the following material in the English language for our estimation at

All submissions are accepted only by email. The material is estimated free of charge, however, in case of negative decision we are not able to reply and provide detailed feedback or give further recommendations due to a large number of proposals.

Your submission will be considered within 4 weeks, and we will contact you ourselves by then in case your work is suitable for our current program. If our submission department declines the project, please accept our apologies for not responding.



We are interested in and fiction and non-fiction titles for general audience and also illustrated children’s books